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How has your day been? I’ve been stuck in the library all day which has been ohhhhh so boring! But in more interesting, exciting news, I have decided to review the well-known Lip Voltage for you guys!

The reason I’ve decided to do this is because I’ve seen so many people review it and do first impressions, however that’s it. I want to know (as I’m guessing many of you guys do too) if this product makes a noticable difference with continual use! I’m pretty terrible at describing things, so I apologise if I miss anything off, however this is my first review so please bare with!

So the packaging is pretty small, nothing fancy.

The instruction leaflet is absolute rubbish, it doesn’t really tell you in much detail about the product… I mean c’mon, I wanna know the science behind this magic, right?! As you all probably know it comes in 2 parts. The lip voltage lip gloss which is pretty opaque in the tube but clear once applied, and the gimzo ‘mix it up’ syringe mimicking an actual one.

So it feels like hot chillies on your lips. I didn’t so much feel tingling, it was more burning. If you watch the video ill post once completely reviewed, youll witness me accidently getting it on my tongue and feeling it in my throat… UHHHH it was not nice. I cannot handle hot food at all, so this was a struggle! (I put in 0.2mls by the way, didn’t fancy going for a 3rd)

I do believe already I can notice a difference… Its been an hour since first application, and I am taking photos throughout to show you guys!

So far so good – my only conundrum is that if I put say a lip pencil underneath, would it still work? As I often like to wear colour on my lips and worry it may not work if I do – (Ill have to find out soon 🙂 !)

Anyway enough chat, I’ll leave you beauts with some pictures so far,



Before & After 1 hour

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