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So it’s been 3 days since my initial review. I have been adding 0.2mls a day to the mixture, and then just using the lipgloss throughout the day.

It’s been burning a heck of a lot, as expected, and it has began to drive me mad. The eternal desire I once had for wanting big plump lips appears to have disappeared along with the soft silliness of saliva in my mouth. Errrrr what I hear you say?

JUST WANT TO POINT OUT -I’m assuming it’s the lipgloss as I am unsure whatelse it could be. Can’t say I’ve experienced this horrid sensation before..

Where the lipgloss had dried off my lips it has left behind some invisible force that, when I lick my lips, almost dries out my tongue and mouth. Like a really frictiony dry feeling. Bleurgh…

Also, I did try applying the lipgloss ontop of lipstick today and it didn’t burn/tingle my lips as much. I don’t know if this means it isn’t working as well as there is a layer between the gloss and my lips or what – but it makes me feel like it isn’t working as well which is a bit of a nuisance. I really do like wearing colour on my lips – maybe I’ll have to try lip tints instead of lipstick?!

I can’t say I believe my lips have increased in size since my 1 hour photo (😭) but I guess they will last longer without the lipgloss on now. Also, I’m guessing  wearing the lipstick underneath today probably hasn’t helped the science of it all.

So I’ll end this rather negative pt2 with the 2 original photos; before and 1 hour after, along with my new photo which has been 3 days after.

I will finalise this review with a further at the end of the week where I will give my complete overall opinion on it!

Until then,



Before, 1 hour after, 3 days after


(Incase you are wondering why the last image has no lipstick underneath – I applied the lipstick in the morning, and reapplied the lipgloss throughout the day without reapplying the lipstick so it has faded by then😌)

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