So it has been 3 weeks since my last lip voltage review…. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get my final part up, I’ve been super busy with university deadlines! Stressful times for me at the moπŸ˜₯

So what have I discovered since my last post?

I’ve found out that it works a lot better on top of a lip tint than a lipstick – however I did find the colour transferred a bit onto the lip gloss applicator… So if you’re a lip tint kinda gal then lip voltage could go perfectly hand in hand with it ☺️

I do believe this product noticibly plumps up my lips however the tingling can get pretty annoying. I’ve managed to somehow get it on my tongue multiple times and if I’ve not had a drink nearby it’s being a bit of a nightmare.

I think this product is ideal for someone who likes glossy lips – at the moment more of a matte look is popular however it has made me realise how much I do love a bit of gloss!

Would I recommend it? If you can handle the bother of a burn, and you wear lipgloss go for it! I do think it’s expensive for what you get however it’s the only lip plumper I’ve noticed a difference with.

Before, after 1 hour, after 3 days, and after 2 weeks of regular use


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