My new baked beauties💞



The other day I went on a bit of a mad one shopping and raided superdrug for some bargains. I’m so happy with both of these items you’re about to see.. I can’t wait to show you ahhh…

1. I Heart Makeup Blusher Heart in “Peachy Keen”

£4.99 from Superdrug

baked blusherMmmmm isn’t it pretty, and costing under £5 I’m so happy! It seems to be a bit of a dupe of Too-faced’s sweethearts but a fraction of the price! I don’t currently own any of the Too-Faced ones so I can’t compare them I’m afraid but here’s my swatch:

blusher swatchI absolutely love the colour as they mix, such a summerly glow! Look out for a makeup look in the next few days, I’ll definitely be wearing it😋

2. MUA Trio Baked Eyeshadow in “Emotions”

£2.50 from Superdrug

baked eyeshadowMy second little beauty to show you has 3 gorgeous colours. My favourite is the brassy orange shade. I have blueish eyes so I think it’ll help compliment them quite nicely! The highlight colour is pretty stunning too. They’re all so sparkly I can’t wait to wear to wear them..waahooooo

eyeshadow samplebaked_makeupLook out in my next few posts for a look wearing my new baked dreamies🙆🙆

Til next time,


3 thoughts on “My new baked beauties💞”

  1. These products look amazing and such good value! I will have to go looking for them on my next shopping trip ☺️

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