Lace up / Strappy Heels


Hey guys! So the last few days I’ve been on a real hunt for some new sandals this summer. As some of my friends are graduating this summer I’m attending our uni’s grad ball this year for one last night out with them. I’ve already picked my dress so I’m in real need of some heels to match. 💃 This is my dress:

Club L High Neck Dress £30

As you can see from the picture, the dress requires a pair of statement heels which has led me onto a hunt for the perfect pair! This has inspired me to share with you all a few of my favourite picks – tell me what ones you prefer and what ones will look best with my dress! Or maybe you’ve seen a nicer pair elsewhere? Share with me please 🙏😌

A website in particular that has caught my eye has been Public Desire! They have a lot of very similar shoes to more expensive brands’ styles but obviously at a fraction of the price! I’ve never actually bought a pair from there so if you have let me know how you found them and whether you thought they were worth it!

If you want to view the shoes on the website they are from just click on the picture☺️



Office Parisian Lace Up Ghillie Sandal £75.00


New Look Black Tassel Lace Pointed Heels £24.99

ASOS HACKER Heeled Sandals £50.00

River Island Pachup Black T Bar Up The Leg Sandals £60.00

Public Desire Megara Lace Up Stilettos in Black Faux Suede £29.99

Public Desire Nikki Strappy Stilettos in Black £27.99

Public Desire Rina Knee Length Heels in Black Faux Suede £39.99

2 thoughts on “Lace up / Strappy Heels”

    • Ahh that’s why I am hesitant to purchase off of Public Desire! I find that more expensive heels are more comfy as they have extra support inside!🙉

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