A Day for Reflection

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Hello all..

So today I’m writing a post quite different to normal. I usually write about amazing makeup and beauty products I love, or current fashion trends etcc.
However today I’m not really in the mood the write about that. I just got back from a holiday I’ve had to the north of Spain and South of France (hence why no recent blog posts – sorry!.. But I plan to fill you all in at some point), and I found out some pretty shitty news that has made me reflect on my holiday and what I’ve been up to, and has made me see it pretty differently to how I normally would.
I would usually be feeling down about having come home and sad to not be surrounded by all of my friends and basically just having an amazing time. But on my coach back home from the airport I found out that a friend from when I was doing my Alevels had passed away. This has hit me in a way that I would have never anticipated. This girl was the smartest girl in the class, we would have such a laugh together, and she would help me so much with explaining things (she definitely contributed towards my final grade). She was studying at Cambridge University so you can appreciate how much she had going for her. I hadn’t spoken to her since moving to uni but her passing has made me so emotional. It’s funny how someone can actually affect you that you wouldn’t have even thought could!
I look back on my holiday now and I am no longer sad it’s over. I’ve had such an amazing 10 days with some lovely people and have made some awesome new friends. I’ve had the opportunity to be able to do this and I am really feeling so grateful right now. I have some more exams coming up at the end of August and I feel more motivated now more than ever to try my very best in these. At the same time I will be spending every spare minute with those whom I love around me and can’t wait to plan further trips after these exams.
I hope that by reading this you maybe reflect on your position and where you are in life right now. Before I found out about Becca, I was on this coach worrying about my exam grades and feeling down about the end of my holiday. But, it’s weird, now I just feel like I’ve taken a step back from where I am and what I’m doing and remembered the important things in my life right now. There’s not enough time for us to worry, so let’s spend that time appreciating where we are in life and what we have been blessed with.

If this is not the sort of post you were expecting, I know it’s pretty random but I just really wanted to share with you guys something that has touched me and I hope maybe allows you to look at what’s in front of you too.

In the next few days I will share with you all some snaps from my holiday and update you guys with what I’ve been up to whilst AWOL, but until then, be safe and make sure you appreciate your life right now and go do something you love doing 💛💙😌


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