Gradball 2015

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Hey all,

So if you have been reading my last few posts, you would have realised that I was in a bit of a dilemma on what shoes to wear for my Gradball.

Well it’s been and over with now so I thought I’d share with you guys what I ended up wearing and a bit about them! (First pictures, then I’ll ramble)


Sorry that I didn’t take a photo of my face to allow you to see my makeup! But after much decision I went for a cateye flick with red lips ☺️  I based my look on these inspo pics:

For my outfit, if you had read my previous post, you would know that my dress was from ASOS. Following that post I was browsing the web and came across the website and I actually found the same dress for around £15! So in future I’m definitely going to hunt around a bit first before I buy another brand off ASOS! The website had a few nice things but a lot of it was pretty mediaocre so I will probably only go on it again if I’ve seen it else where first just to check the prices! However the service and delivery was all tip top though no complaints! ☺️

My shoes on the other hand I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with. So I decided to bite the bullet and try out Their cheap but on trend shoes gave me hope that I had found a fab site…. However after spending 3 x £4.99 on postage alone, my hopefulness soon diminished.

First I ordered to the wrong address because it used my PayPal address instead of the website form address, second time the shoes fit (I ordered both size 5 and 6 as I wanted them to be perfect) – size 5… However the heel on them was completely broken off. They looked worn and with only 1 day until Gradball I was freaking the hell out. How could they have not checked these before sending them out!?

When I ordered the 3rd time my student code was no longer valid and thus had to pay full price on them ontop of paying for express delivery for a 3rd time. Yikes… £30 shoes ended up costing me £45 and from the quality, no they were not worth it. I mean yes I do think they looked wonderful, but all night I felt like the heel was going to snap any minute and after having received the faulty pair with the already broken heel I was nervous. Luckily they withstood the night. But unfortunately they came with two excruciating blisters on the Achilies Heels of my feet. I purposely bought the heels with the closed toe so that I wouldn’t suffer from the open foot Ada rubbing but instead I managed to get rubbing on the bottom of my legs. Having gone surfing since, they still aren’t healed (lol) over 2 weeks later 😩. In future I have taught myself to invest and spend that extra £30 for a pair that you can try on in store from a brand you trust. (A bit like the Office ones) 😌

Also incase you’re wondering I did contact Public Desire but all they refunded me was for the original cost of the shoes that I returned – so for none of the postage or student discount I lost out on 😔

BUT.. I still had an amazing night on the fund fair grounds and  with some amazing friends..(and got a few compliments on my look ☺️ ). I will be sad to not have my friends around me next year for my final year at Uni however I also can’t wait. I moved into my new place yesterday so I’m super busy at the moment sorting that all out!

I hope this post doesn’t seem like too much of a moan at Public Desire, as I really just want to share with you some pictures from it! Have you guys had any celebrations recently? Let me know how they went and what you chose to wear!

Til next time,


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