Graduation Makeup🎓✨


Hiya guys,

First I would like to apologise for the complete lack of posting on my behalf. It’s been about 3 weeks since my last post, and although I have been really busy I’m not 100% sure why I haven’t posted as I’ve had lots of ideas of things I’ve wanted to talk about.

Today I want to share with you guys the makeup look I wore to my sisters graduation. I wore a grey and white flowery patterned dress so I felt like my face needed a bit of colour to liven it up a little.
I graduate next year, so as I was doing my makeup I was thinking of how I would have it if it were my own graduation. I think I would keep it pretty similar. Quite fresh faced and light, yet match my lips or earrings to the colour robe that I will be wearing. Well that’s the idea now… In years time I might have a completely different idea of how I would like it so we will see 😁.

MakeupEye makeup


To begin with I used my classic NARS sheer glow in Punjab. Normally I’m not that dark but because I’ve still held my tan from my surfing holiday I can still pull the colour off okay! Underneath that was smashbox’s pore minimising primer which is my go to primer for special occasions ☺️.

Classic Coralista by Benefit was then applied to my cheeks. I’ve majorly hit pan on it now so better get saving for another as it’s definitely my go to blusher! To powder the rest of my face I used Collections “sheer powder, however I haven’t yet quite made my mind up if I like it yet so I’d advise you to stick to your preferred choice of powder before using the same as me!

My eyebrows have my beloved anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade and then a quick coat of a tinted eyebrow mascara from Technic. I’m not a great fan of it purely because everytime I use it I have to take off the excess with a piece of tissue before I use it.. But once I’ve done that it applies okay and lasts all day which is fab. I do really like the look of it on your brows as it makes them look less powdery and more natural and keeps you brows in place all day!

I tried the long awaited Ardell Demi-Wispies lashes which I have been wanting for ages. I only found them in the Brighton Boots store the day before I wore this makeup look so I knew I had to wear them knowing how natural they look on other people! I am such a fan of them and have since worn them again. They are definitely a repurchase item!

I primed my eyelids with Urban Decay’s classic primer potion and on top of it I used Collection’s eyes uncovered nude bronze palette. I had misplaced all my brushes as I was in the process of moving homes and thus had to use the little sponge brushes that came with it. Whilst these are the best brushes to get a dense rich colour onto my eyes, I really struggled with blending out using them. In the end I used my finger a lot. I don’t think it looked too bad in the end!?

I also used my ABH dip brow also to give a faint flick on my eyes. I didn’t want anything too heavy so I thought the brown would be ideal. And then my combo of 1 layer of Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash, and then 1 layer of Roller Lash.

My lips have Collection’s cream puff moisturising lip cream in Cotton Candy. Really nice product to use with vibrant colour that works really well if you exfoliate before, preping your lips so they are nice and soft and ready!

image image image image

Let me know what you guys think ☺️X


3 thoughts on “Graduation Makeup🎓✨”

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    Such a gorgeous look! Love this post and would love if you could check out my latest post too xxx

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