New Running Clothes – Nike and Adidas



Nike Printed Miler V-Neck T-Shirt £20.00 (SALE)

Nike Printed Miler V-Neck T-Shirt £20.00 (SALE)

Adidas ClimaLite Essentials Sports Bra Ladies £13.00

Adidas ClimaLite Essentials Sports Bra Ladies £13.00

NikePro Hypercool Capris £30.00

NikePro Hypercool Capris £30.00


Following the end of my exams and thus revision, I have decided to dedicate my extra time to getting my fitness back on track. I’m currently not happy with my body shape, and although I know I’m not obese, I still want to loose the extra pounds I’ve put on whilst sat at a desk revising the last few weeks.

Previously I had been wearing yoga gear that I was given for Christmas every time I went to the gym. But with a few extra pounds (despite being stretchy) I didn’t feel comfortable in them – they did not look right and would tend to fall down when moving around too much. Alas I took myself to JD Sports on the hunt for some new gym gear that could help me on my way to a fitter healthier self. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a sports bra in JD Sports with thin straps – I’m not sure why I wanted them but I just prefer the look to be honest. So I went on to Sports Direct for this.

I’ve now worn this outfit a few times to the gym and I am very happy with it – I went for a 5k run, and it held up fine. When I start to lose the extra bits of fat on my body I may brave it and just wear the leggings and sports bra alone to help with the heat whilst running in the gym…. But in the meantime the 3 together go just fine😊😊

I don’t know whether you guys would be interested in an update on my progress, and what I get up to in the gym. So let me know if this is something you’d like to see!


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