Rimmel Lasting Finish (with comfort serum) First Impressions/Review


rimmel lasting finish

I went shopping the other day and spent a bit of time browsing Rimmel’s products. At first I came across their Wake Me Up foundation that came out a few years ago. When I was a bit younger I would always wear Rimmel foundation and as I don’t currently own any (Rimmel) I kinda wanted to try one again to see how I felt with it on my skin nowadays. So I found my shade in Wake Me Up – I can’t remember my shade but I think it was Ivory or True Ivory, I bought it and went for lunch with my mum. We had both tried it on and she had also bought one (and thus tested it on her skin). And as we sat in the sun I noticed she was covered in slight glitter all over her face. When we realised this was the Wake Me Up foundation that had slight glitter to it, it actually put me off it. Which is why we went back and I exchanged it for their Lasting Finish. My shade in this is True Ivory.

The smell with all of Rimmel’s foundations are pretty strong but because I used to wear a few years ago the smell reminds me a bit of when I was younger so is kind of nice haha.

I really like the coverage it has on my skin. I would say its a medium to full coverage that is really easy to build further if need be. Compared to the Wake Me Up it is definetely heavier. It covered up any blemishes/spots I had without any need for concealer. This colour (True Ivory) is also a perfect match for my skin! It really gives my face that airbrushed look.

It has a bit of a dewy look to it which I do really like. I always feel a bit cakey with matte foundation so I really like how it livens up my face. Compared to Wake Me Up it is actually less dewy so maybe it is somewhere between dewy and dewy matte (ok I really need to improve on my descriptive writing😩).

It lasted well throughout the day however I did feel like it built up a bit around my eyes and in the creases of my face by the end of the day. Despite this I was very happy with the end of the day result!

For £7.99 I think it’s a precent decent foundation that lasts. I bought mine when they were offering 2 Rimmel products for £10.00 so my mum and myself each got one for £5.00 which is even better.

Overall, this is definitely a foundation that I will wear again. As we go into Autumn and my skin starts to dry up a little I think this will be a nice foundation to ensure I’m not looking too dry. I’ll just need to find the right primer to help stop it build up in places! This is definitely a winning product for me!

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