Autumn 2015 Fashion Clothes Haul

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I haven’t actually done a clothes haul with you guys before so I don’t actually know whether it’s something you’ll like….. But I’ve purchased a few pieces recently to adjust my wardrobe as the weather starts to cool down, and thought I’d share them with you. I haven’t bought that many things but I thought I’d still share with you what I have just cos whyyyy not!? Also its my 2nd attempt at a video too so please I know its not great quality but I am trying here haha. I thought I’d still write a bit about each item incase I forgot to say something on the video but I haven’t taken specific photos of each item because I’m a lazy sod so watch the viddddd to see them – I try them on so you can see how they fit👀👍😊.

The first purchase I’m sharing with you guys is this camel coat from Primark. It cost me £30.00!!! I can’t believe how good value it is. It so warm and cosy and comfy and I’m soooo happy with it! I’ve already worn it a loads this month.. I have found it to be a bit annoying how there isn’t a button or something to keep it closed but I’ve just sewn in a popper myself which was pretty easy. This is definitely the biggest bargain purchase out of the lot!

Next is this dark blue shirt. It was from Forever 21 and cost me £15.00 which I think is great value. I can’t always find stuff I like in there that fits well so to find this I’m really happy. I love pairing shirts like this with leggings for a really easy go to outfit when I don’t know what to wear but still wanna look nice and feel comfortable! Only pain is that it requires ironing after washing and for slothful folk like myself this appears to be a lot of effort 😴🐨.

Next are these polo necks. I got them in Black and Burgundy from Primark for £4.00 each and one in Camel from New Look for £8.99. I went to the Primark in Manchester and saw they were only £4.00 each so grabbed the black and burgendy shades. I really wish I had picked up the camel shade they had at the time and maybe a cream/white one because the other day I then went in the Brighton store to see if I could get some more there but they wern’t selling any 😢. So hunting around other places I found the Camel shade in New Look. To be fair you can feel that the New Look one is softer material, but it’s still a reasonable price! I chose size 8 in Primark but had to go for size 6 in New Look as for some reason the 8 just seemed too baggy.

Purchase no.4 is this cute top from Pull & Bear. I thought it was just a nice little top I could whack on with any pair of jeans. Something just really easy to wear so at £9.99 I couldn’t say no. It comes up a bit like a crop top showing my lower midriff so its extra motivation for me to be going to the gym haha. Similarly, I bought a plain blue colour from Primark which was size 16 so I think it was meant to be like a tight style but I prefer them a bit looser. This cost me £7.00 so another bargain piece.

Next is a cute grey tank top I bought from Primark, £8. It’s kinda hard to explain (if you’ve watched my vid you’ll see why), but basically it’s got a cheeky open back – quite brave for the colder months but I thought it would be nice to wear with some jeans if going out! This being said its quite simple and isnt too dressy either.

I’ve been hunting for some a-line skirts to wear with my new polo necks so when I saw this soft black one from Bershka I had to get it – only £12.99 too! It’s really soft and I love the button detail down the front – I’ve seen quite a lot of skirts this season with this buttoning so I think it’ll be a statement piece for this season. I’m really wanting to get a few of this sort of style!

Next is this dress from Boohoo which I thought was going to be baggier and fit me like a swing dress but it’s actually just a bit tight round the bum and doesn’t look at all flattering on me. I’m not sure whether I should take it back or see if I can customise it somehow so that it will look better on me as it only cost me £10.00 in the sale.

After that, I bought these daring over the knee boots. Okay so they’re not that daring because the heel is relatively chunky and they’re probably not that adventurous but I’m having to build up the confidence to wear these out. I think they’ll look fab with my aline skirt, tights and a polo neck so I’m just waiting for the day where I wake up and am ready to rock them. I think at £44.99 from New Look they are a massive bargain as when I was hunting I checked out a load of shops and these were by far the cheapest (and fitted me the best!). Winner winner chicken dinner🐔🍝.

Lastly I bought this gorgeous tartan scarf from New Look. It cost £9.99. I think the colours in the pattern are really on trend and will really liven up any plain outfit I wear (as I love to wear a plain tee and jeans a lot!). I’ve already worn it a few times already so I know it’s something that I’ll definitely turn to a lot! I also bought a cute brown bag from Primark with a really nice embossed print. I’ve been wanting a brown bag for ages ( – because you can never have too many bags), so when I saw this I haddd to grab it 😉.

Okay I lied… I also bought this gorrrrgg lil duvet set with polar bears on. Perfect for christmas time so I think as soon as it turns November I’ll be whacking it on my bed! It was only £11.00 for the double size – how good is that!?!

What have you been buying recently to move into Autumn? And what key trends do you see coming this Winter?

Also let me know what you think of my vid! Sorrrrrrryyyyyyy if its a bit rubbish I am newbie😄


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