Lancome Bi-Facil Cleanser Review


Let me share with you all a love story. Yes this is a love story between me and a cleanser because it is the most beautiful concoction in the history of makeup remover.

I first tried this beauty at my friends house. She had a few tester/travel sizes and they were so cute. I used it to take my eye makeup off (not overly heavy – liquid eyeliner and mascara) with some cotton balls and I felt like I was brushing my eyes with candy floss.. or maybe clouds… just think of the softest thing in the world ever… and then imagine swiping that over your eyes. It was from this point that I had fallen in love.

This stuff is glorious. It makes taking off makeup a breeze… No seriously, you know that liquid lipstick that you never wear because its such a bugger to remove? No problem, just use a cotton pad with it and it will swipe right off. Gone are the days of scrubbing and rubbing your eyes/face and feeling sore afterwards. Heavy eye makeup will melt away on a cotton pad with this!

I’ve already used a whole bottle of this beauty. Yes I love it that much. And no okay its not the cheapest thing to use every day – when I first bought it you could get 200ml size for £16 which isn’t too bad, but at the moment I think you can only get the 125ml which is somehow charged at £21.50….. When I run out of my 200ml bottles and I have to commit to paying that hefty price I will limit my use of the product to special occasions when I wear heavy eye makeup only, because there’s no way being a student I could afford to spend £20 on cleanser every month. The 200ml bottle lasted me about 5/6 weeks I would say.

If you can afford to spend this much money on a cleanser then buy it. You will not regret it. I understand it is a lot and not many people can, but if you ever see the 200ml back at £16 I’d definitely reccommend giving it a go. If anyone knows anywhere selling at this price still, please let me know as I will be stocking up like mad!!!



P.s. what do you think of my new clear photos? 😍😍 loving playing around with my camera!

6 thoughts on “Lancome Bi-Facil Cleanser Review”

      • Thanks for the info. I’m in need of a new and professional camera as well so I always wonder what type bloggers are using. X

      • It’s such a great beginner one as its on the cheaper side for DSLRs but still has everything you need to start practising with a professional camera without being too complicated! I would highly recommend it 🙂 xx

  1. georgiamayadsett says:

    I got this product in a Christmas gift set with the Lancôme mascara and it’s sooo good for travelling! Gets off every scrap of makeup, even when wearing a heavy smokey eye… but I do feel like I always need to use toner afterwards because it leaves my face feeling a tad oily, don’t know if you’ve found that? Feel free to check out my latest beauty review here: 🙂

    • Yes i do feel like its a bit oily, but I actually found it kind of moisturising, and if I leaving it on, by the morning its sunk in and my skin is super soft! I often get spots from moisturizer so tend to try and find alternatives! xx

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