February Favourites 💖

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BEAUTY, BEAUTY Monthly Favourites

As I’ve been doing a lot of “makeup look” posts recently, I’ve decided to commit to making sure I share with you my monthly favourites every month to ensure I don’t neglect my blog. Final year at uni is totally stressing me out and I know since I started my blog I’ve gone AWOL a few times because of uni work so I hope this will be a good way to make sure that doesn’t happen again. It was my blog’s first anniversary the other day and I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is how easy it is to lose touch with blogging when other parts of my life are super hectic. I started my blog because I enjoy writing and wanting to share my love for makeup and fashion and make a record of just generally my life on somewhere permanent. However, I’ve sometimes felt like it’s been a bit of an effort and that’s probably evident. I don’t want it to be this way and one of my new years resolutions is to focus more on my blog and get back into the blogging community! I’ve started paying more attention to my instagram and I want to make sure I do so on here too so keep your eyes peeled – I’m aiming for a post a week minimum😄!

My Februrary favourites are a mix from February but also January and December (one item is something I got for Christmas heheee), but because I haven’t done a favourites in a while I thought it’s not really a problem!

1. Carli Bybel Palette

If you follow my instagram you’ll have noticed I’ve used this palette quite a lot recently. My favourite shade is the dark berry one and I can’t stop delving for it every time I do my makeup. It’s such a nice wintery shade!! The highlighters are also something I’ve been using more recently. I am so glad I bought this palette in the end! It’s my go to palette for sure right now!😍

IMG_0005 2.jpg

2. Eden Perfume – No. 30

So this was actually on my wish list before Christmas and because my mum is my no.1 fan and reads my posts (HIYA MUMMA😚) she bought it for me! I’m really happy with it and have been using it almost every day. The smell is slightly different than the Black Opium but it’s still a gorgeous smell – I’ve even been complimented on it a few times! The fact that all their perfumes are all organic and vegan, and 100% not tested on animals makes it such a winner for me. I will definitely go to them again in the future to buy some other scents!

3. Kiko Nail File

Ok so this is a bit of a random one… Basically my sister had this nail file and left it so I claimed it myself…. because its just so good….. Like I don’t really know why I love it so much (maybe because I’ve been using a lot of shitty pound land ones recently) but its just amazing and makes nail filing such a breeze! And its super cheap too and comes in a little pouch so you can put it in your bag and take it with you! Yay!

4. Bobbi Brown Bronzer/Blusher – Telluride 10

This is a product that I’ve had for ages and kinda forgotten about it for a while. I recently started using it again and have fallen it love for the second time as it goes on so nice and smooth. It’s a bit of a hard shade as its kind of a mix between a blusher and a bronzer, but I use it like a blusher when I’ve been wearing my makeup quite heavy for nights out and that. Sometimes in the day time I’ve also used it as a blending shade on my eyeshadow.. winner winner chicken dinner.

IMG_0020 2.jpg

5. MaxFactor Lipfinity in

Okay so I know I’ve been raving about these since I discovered them.. But I just can’t get enough! I’ve tried two shades now and I wear them almost every day. LOVE LOVE LOVE . If you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks, you need to try these! Also you probably know how obsessed I am with combining Max Factor’s Lipfinity in Spicy 70 with Collection’s Cream Puff lip cream in Cotton Candy.




Okay so that’s my list. Sorry a few things are kinda old, but I’m still obsessed with them and won’t stop raving until a new fave comes along!! See ya next sunday xxxxxx





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  1. georgiamayadsett says:

    Love the mauvey shade of that lipstick, I just love how long those lipfinity products last on the lips they’re sooo good! Feel free to check out my latest beauty review here: http://bit.ly/1TWZaS0 x

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