March Favourites 💖

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Helloooooooo lovelies! I’ve only tried a few products this month so I’ve had to really rack my brain thinking of what I’ve loved most this month. This is kinda more of a misc list of favourites rather than just a beauty list but they all deserve a spot here this month! I’ve finished my disseratition now and it’s been handed in.. That means all I’ve got left is revision for my exams in May – what that also means is that I’ll probably most definitely be posting my weekly blog posts and becoming more active again on instagram because who doesn’t enjoy procrastinating when you’ve got so much revision to do!? How was everyone’s Easter? I went home for a few days which was so nice to have homey comforts, especially as my mood has been a bit all over the place recently. Plus I’ve been contracting cold after sore throat after cough so here’s hoping it’ll all end soon so I can try and get a bit back to normal 💖. As I haven’t really been out and shopping that much this list is slightly less beauty related than normal..enjoy lovelies….

1. Maybelline Instant Anti Age The Eye Eraser Concealer in Light

The first bad boy to make the list this month is this highly hyped concealer. When it came out everyone made a huge fuss over it but I had so many other concealers that I just couldn’t justify buying it (say whaaa). I recently felt I needed to buy some makeup as I hadn’t bought any  recently so I went for this and I’m so glad I did! I use this every time now and all my other concealers have gone to die at the bottom of my makeup stash (RIP). It isn’t the cheapest concealer ever (thinking collection) but it also isn’t that expensive (thinking mac, UD) and the sponge is a lovely applicator for it. I’ll probably be writing a blog post review for this at some point because I could go on and on talking about it – stay tuned!


2. John Freida Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Quite a random one but I bought this duo a few years ago and never finished it because I went and bought some of the huge TIGI bottles (I wanted sulfate free) but I recently ran out so decided to finish up these bottles. I forgot how lovely they make my hair feel. Like suppppaaaa soft n lovely! Also it has glittery bits in it which is really cooool. I am trying to use better hair products which don’t contain things like sulfates etc but it makes my hair so shiny that I might stick with this for a while and see if it does damage my hair in the longer run. Fingers crossed ey.


3. CND Shellac Nail Polish in Cocoa

Third is this Shellac nail polish that I’ve had for maybe a year now but I’ve recently started wearing it again because it means I only have to do my nails every 2 weeks and I think it looks so good on! Every one is commenting on my nails which is nice and the shade is a nice nude so goes with literally everything I wear! I bought a LED light and gel kit so I could do my own shellac and its fab I save so much money but my nails still look salon quality! Win win wiiiiiiiin. (sorry about the nail growth lol)


4. Harper and Lewis Vintage Shop

Final favvvyyy is the Harper and Lewis clothes shop in Birmingham. Yes very random fave but I recently bought these two tops from there which I’ve been wearing a lot. I love a load of the stuff in there and it’s nice because the stuff is pretty unique – especially all the vintage pieces! Price is pretty reasonable which is good too. I will be doing a clothes haul of things I’ve bought recently so keep your eyes out for that too!


IMG_0051IMG_0054So that concludes my March favourites. Have you got any of them? Let me know what you think!


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