A week in: Austria – Obergurgl (SKIING!!)

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Hello and welcome back… (maybe I should be welcoming myself back too). I’m not going to fart around with an introduction on me not blogging for ages and now coming back. Basically I’ve missed writing so I’m here and ready to post again… YIPEEEEE.

Last week I was in Obergurgl, Austria for a week full of skiing so I thought I would share my experience with you guys incase you’re planning a trip there, thinking of going skiing and not sure where to go if you’re a beginner skiier, or you just like looking at my pictures. I’ve broken it down into 4 categories: skiing, food, weather, other.

Keep reading if you want any tips on where to stay, what to eat, what are the ski slopes like, how cold is it in Obergurgl. Bearing in mind I went in January (brrrrrrr!).

SKIING: Ok so obviously going on a skiing holiday I’ve got to talk about the skiing. Obergurgl/Hochgurgl is pwurrrrrrfickt for beginniners. Before going I was happy to sticking to Blue runs and I left feeling relatively confident tackling a few Reds. I did have a 2 hour 1-1 lesson which obviously really helped me improve my technique but the runs at this resort are so perfect for beginners to practice as they have so many different blues. I was able to practice my parallel skiing lots and getting used to quick sharp turns down steeper runs – highly recommend for beginners who want to push themselves and see some pretty views on the way.

skiing austria 3

FOOD: I stayed in a self catered apartment (sorry forgot to take pictures!) and we ate out/ate in probaby 50/50 of the week. There is a Spar right next to the gondola lift in Obergurgl so perfect when you come off the slopes at the end of the day and want to grab some food/drink for the evening. Bars/restaurants I recommend:

  1. Nederhuette – on Obergurgl slopes (great atmosphere when band is playing (4x a week) – get ready for old school songs that get everyone singing together.. “is this the way to Amarilllooooooo?”. Can get food and/or drink here)
  2. Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Restaurant – on Hochgurgl slopes (fast tasty food with a beautiful view if sat outside. If staying in Obergurgl you can ski to it by getting a gondola across to Hochgurgl)
  3. Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl – in Obergurgl village next to the gondola/ski lifts (lovely fondant array – we did it on the final night and it was a perfect end treat to the holiday!)
  4. Pizzeria Belmonte – up the road from the ski lifts (really nice atmosphere here with tasty pizza (duh) among other yummy hearty foods)

skiing 4

WEATHER: Ok so if any of you know me, you know I hate the cold. Well Obergurgl was probably not the best place to visit because it was pretty damn cold. As you can see from my pictures I was wrapped up to the T and wore 5 layers on my top and 3 on my legs as well as a fluffy head thing :D. Obviously skiing gets you moving so helps keep you warm and I did pretty well, only getting cold on a few ski lifts when the sun was behind a cloud.

We also missed a day of skiing because the visibility was too poor. We had many days of snow and only a couple where the sun was out and shining giving us perfect conditions. Be prepared and take both low and high visibility googles with you if you can!

skiing austria2.png

OTHER: My outfit details are:

  1. Onesie – from Ebay (was a one off but I’m sure you can find similar vintage styles!) £27.99
  2. Bobble hat – Dorothy Perkins (UK – bought it like 3 years ago so can’t remember price)
  3. Fluffy neck warmer – from the ski rental at the bottom of Obergurgl ski lifts €44.95

Ok so obviously in hindsight I should’ve taken more pictures of the view and where I was staying etc but I didn’t realise I would be blogging about it – going forward I will be baring my blog in mind and try to take lots of funsies snaps for you to feast your eyes on.. mmmmmm…

Anything I’ve missed out? Ask below and I’ll share what I know! Happy skiing and see you on my next post!!

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