£150 Nano-Keratin Hair Treatment Review

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After letting my hair settle a bit, I’ve decided to review the Nano-Keratin hair treatment that I had done the other week. It cost me £150 which included the treatment and a take home shampoo and conditioner. I had it done at Malcolm Murphy Hair in Leicester.

My hair is very frizzy if left to its own duties, so I’m always on the hunt to find something that makes my post-shower/morning hair care routine quicker.

Why I Chose Nano-Keratin

About 9 months ago I had a Brazilian Blow Dry (BBD) done and despite the controversial comments on it, I really liked how it tamed my hair. I had this done down South and have since been living further North so was on the hunt for someone nearby who could replenish my hair to how it was post-BBD.

I wasn’t able to find anyone who offered the service so when I approached Malcolm Murphy Hair they suggested this “Nano-Keratin” treatment as an alternative. Now I didn’t really research this treatment like I did with the BBD as I was just wanted the next best fix for my frizz ASAP!

The Treatment

The treatment is very similar to BBD in the sense that it goes over your dry hair and must be ironed out by the stylist. The difference when I was having the treatment was the smell. The salon said that the Nano-Keratin contains no harsh chemicals like in BBD (eg formaldehyde) so I wasnt there trying to survive the feeling of it burning my nose hairs or worry about what damage it was causing me. Treatment time was actually longer for Nano Keratin as when the treatment was applied I had to wait an hour before they straightened the hair, whereas with BBD it could be straightened immediately.

The After-Care

Now the biggest pain with the Nano-Keratin treatment is the fact that you can’t do anything with your hair for 4 days post-treatment. No ponytails, no washing your hair – not even getting it wet in the rain. This was really hard for me because my hair is always either up in a pony, or down and I’m playing with it and making it greasy quicker. As I work, I had to endure a few days with greasy hair at work and wasn’t able to even shove it into a bun during this time.

The BBD on the other hand was absolutely fine leaving the salon, on one premise – I had to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. The Nano-Keratin treatment doesn’t require any special shampoos or conditioners which is I guess a bonus if you really love a certain product, but for me I’m happy to switch around so wasn’t that bothered. Since receiving the treatment I have been using the shampoo and conditioner that the salon gave me, which has meant that I’ve switched back from sulfate free to products that include sulfates in them.

The Cost

Ok so, generally speaking, they say the further North you go, the cheaper it gets. So when I had paid around £100 for my BBD down South I wasn’t expecting to pay any more than this. Now I know its a different treatment so I can’t fairly compare, but I guess because there was no option for me to have the BBD in Leicester, I was suprised that the next best treatment to deal with frizz was going to cost me 50% more! However as I mentioned earlier, I was willing to pay the £150 as I wanted to be frizz free again 🙂

The Results

Now the Nano-Keratin Treatment is meant to solely focus on de-frizzing whereas I believe the BBD also softens you hair style. However I was slightly disappointed with the results after my first wash. My hair was still crazy and frizzy – and just a little less crazy than before. The curls were a bit more defined – but still frizzy.

I went to bed feeling a bit gutted to have spent £150 and a week of dirty hair for a treatment that didn’t really change my hair. Now it was either the sleep fairies or the fact that sleeping on my hair flattened it and helped defrizz it, but when I woke up I felt as if there had been some improvement.

When I straighten my hair it definitely takes me less time to do and doesnt frizz a few hours later like any curly girl knows happens to curly hair when straightened.

I’m not entirely sure whether I’m completely happy with this treatment or not, but I guess it has made it that bit more manageable. I do wear my hair down more now so it must have had a positive impact on how I want my hair…… But would I get it again? I think not. I think I’ll stick to heading back down South and getting the BBD that I had last year. It was cheaper and even though it is supposedly not as good for your hair, I felt it was much healthier and easier to manage after the BBD treatment than the Nano-Keratin.

If you have slight frizz this may be the treatment for you, but if you have crazy frizz and curls, you might want to consider an alternative like BBD unless you are happy to sleep on your hair to help defrizz it!



(This before and after might be cheating a little because the after is 2 days post hair wash (and the before was straight out the shower) so my hair has had more time to flatten and defrizz – but is the best representation of how it goes after I have slept on it! 🙂 )

Post-treatment when straightened

This a picture of my hair, post-treatment, and post-straightening. Nice and smooth and frizz free!!




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