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Benefit Roller Lash Review

Heyyyyyy honeybees🐝✨, Today I thought I’d review Benefit’s newest mascara Roller Lash. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers use it and rave about it and I think it’s taken me longer than most to warm towards it so I thought I’d share my experience and […]

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So it’s been 3 days since my initial review. I have been adding 0.2mls a day to the mixture, and then just using the lipgloss throughout the day. It’s been burning a heck of a lot, as expected, and it has began to drive me […]

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SHALOM LOVELY PEOPLE! 😀 How has your day been? I’ve been stuck in the library all day which has been ohhhhh so boring! But in more interesting, exciting news, I have decided to review the well-known Lip Voltage for you guys! The reason I’ve decided […]

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